Healing is easy

Far too many people are suffering needlessly from chronic health issues in the world today. If people understood that there is a much better, safer, more effective way to recover their health they would start immediately to recover. I’m here to tell you that healing is easy! The human body wants to heal itself. Everyone has witnessed this if they have ever cut themselves. You didn’t have to tell your body to go to work to heal the wound, it just did it. The same is true with most all chronic illnesses, but if we are not feeding the body the necessary nutrients it needs, it won’t heal itself. There are 91 essential nutrients that the human body needs on a daily basis and the only way to get all these nutrients is by ingesting them every day. It is a common misconception that you can get all these nutrients from the four basic food groups. 2/3 of the nutrients that the human body requires are minerals. Minerals are not evenly spread out in the soils around the world, in fact, most soils are completely devoid of many of these minerals. If the minerals are not in the soil, it will not be in the food. The majority of people in the world today are lucky if they get 1/3 of the nutrients they need from food and when you are deficient in these nutrients you open yourself up to a wide range of chronic illnesses. Take calcium for example. The human body requires large amounts of calcium on a daily basis. There are 147 different diseases that result from a lack of calcium. Some of the more common ones include osteoporosis, arthritis, joint pain, high blood pressure, kidney stones, muscle cramps/twitches, back pain, panic attacks, insomnia, and hypepararthyroidism. And that is from just one mineral, there are 59 more that the body needs for optimum health and if you are deficient in any one of the more important minerals you open yourself up for any number of diseases. So what can we do? Well, if you want to prevent and reverse most any degenarative disease,all you have to do is stop eating the bad foods that are contributing to the illness, feed the body the raw materials it needs to fix itself (91 essential nutrients), then step back and let the body do the work to heal itself! Visit www.my90forlife.com/jconnelly  to learn more to help yourself and others to get healthy

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